on the site of "Székely" Dental in the name of my team and myself, 

Dr. Székely Zsolt Árpád.


Our dental practice now offers you the possibility to combine a perfect vacation with top quality dental care. Given the passion for this specialty we make no compromises in the quality of our treatment.

What you can expect is:

  • safe and painless dental care

  • maximum level of sterilization

  • wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry treatment

  • competitive rates for high esthetic and quality

  • accommodation and programs

  • on-line consultation and appointment bookings.

  We are expecting you at our dental office with a wide range of dental services, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Patients are always the top priority so we offer you the best of everything. The waiting room is esthetically designed to make you feel more like in a living room, rather than a dental office. We are also proud of having a sterile and hygienic treatment zone. 
We are aware of the fact that in many cases the pain - or the fear of pain - is a concern. Our professionalism makes us feel responsible for guarding you against pain and accompanying you securely through your treatments.