Our dental office gives a guarantee for all dental restorations.


We guarantee that,

  • high-quality materials were used for each dental restoration
  • our professional knowledge and expertise meet the highest requirements of the European Union
  • the applied technology, machines and equipment meet the highest requirements of the European Union.

In the case of proper use, our dental clinic gives from 6 month to 2 years guarantee after building in your dental restorations. For dental prosthetic work 2 years guarantee and for any other dental replacement 6 month guarantee is given.

For implants there is a special so-called osseointegration guarantee given, that means that implants will be replaced within 3 months if they fall out.

Guarantee can only be claimed at our dental practice, and exclusively for the dental work that was done there. In case you have to return for a guarantee claim, and it is determined that your dental work falls under guarantee, replacements or restorations of the original work will be performed free of charge. Travelling costs are not part of the guarantee.


There is no guarantee given in the following cases:

  • neglected mouth hygiene
  • leaving the dentist's advice out of consideration 
  • not proper use of dental restorations 
  • omission of the necessary control (once a year) 
  • temporary dental restorations
  • dental works which are considered after-care treatments, e.g.: suture removal after an operation, underlining of dentures etc.