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 Services and costs

Our dental practice offers all existing range of esthetic dental fillings and restoration, top quality prosthetic restorations with materials used from the world's leading dental material manufacturers. If needed, prosthetic restorations in three days are possible for an extra fee of 25%.

You can also find a wide range of oral surgery treatments, with the early diagnosis and treatment of precancerous lesions. In that area we keep a close communication with the recognized Oral and Maxilo-Facial Surgery Clinic from Tg. Mures.

Oral implantology rehabilitation with bone addition, sinus lifting treatments where necessary, all done with a degree in oral implantology recognized in the European Union and approved by the International Society of Oral Implantology.

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General dentistrylei/piece
Tartar removal50
Aesthetic filling150
Aesthetic restoration200
Aesthetic restoration with composite post250
Composite post restoration to hold a crown100
Root canal therapy for teeth with one root150
Root canal therapy for teeth with two or more roots300
Dental jewelry50

Surgical extraction100
Apical rezection200
Chist removal300

Prostethic dentistrylei/piece
Porcelain / metal crown320
Porcelain crown / veneers - metal free750
Zirconia crown - metal free650
Smile design50
Temporary crown60
Complete removable denture1000
Metal frame denture with "click-on" system2100

Dental implant1600
Bone augmentation850
Sinus lifting1200
Gingival graft700
Porcelain / metal crown - for implant700
All on four fixed denture / arch12000
Mini implant for lower removable denture600

Latest update: 06.05.2017.